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Kåre Mong and Arne Friestad establish Egersund Barkeri. Kåre Mong was appointed Managing Director. The company carries out its activities in an old salt shed in Svanavågen. Production during the early years consists of treating and impregnating herring nets.


The company changes its name to Egersund Trawlverksted. Production shifts gradually over to the manufacture of trawls as the fishing industry starts to use this type of net. Smaller shrimp/prawn trawls are the first products, but soon trawls are made for local boats that fish for cod off the coast of Finnmark.


Commencement of production of blue whiting trawls for large, combined purse seiners/ pelagic trawlers. More production area is required and this leads to further expansion of the facilities. Production of nets for fish farming starts.


Continuing growth in activities and number of employees. Growth in blue whiting fishing. High level of expansion, including larger halls for assembling pelagic trawls. Establishment of branch at Abelsnes near Flekkefjord.


Production of large pollack trawls for vessels fishing in Alaskan waters commences. Egersund Net de-merged as wholly owned subsidiary of Egersund Trål. Large halls built for the production of seine lines and fully-finished nets for fish farming. Egersund Herøy AS established on near Ålesund. Stable and good growth in turnover and increase in staff. Hans Kristian Mong takes over as Managing Director in 1999, after having been Chairman of the Board since 1992. He took over the position as Managing Director after Harald Mong.

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The Egersund Trål Group currently employs approximately 130 persons. 
The company now supplies products covering all spheres of activity in the market, from, trawls to products for the fish farming industry. A new mechanical workshop is under construction. The Company will celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 2002. New Company Profile for all group members introduced. All departments will have fully modernised facilities from and including this year.
In the last two years, it has been a certain investment in other companies. Egersund Net has also got a new area on Grønehaugen, where a new netwashery has been put up.
The Egersund Trål Group takes over Rabben Fiskeredskap on Austevoll south of Bergen, (Egersund Rabben) and the net division of the Eskja Group at Iceland, (Egersund Island).
There is a opening of a new building in the town of Taurage in Lithuania, mounting the nets, (UAB Egersund Net).
All the fish farming industry groups are now ISO sertified, that include the group in the Lithuanian.

A new modern impregnate building opened in Egersund july 2006.

During 2007 there is several restructuring of the organization, and it will be changed to a new overall profile of the whole group. All companies gather now collectively EGERSUND GROUP. This will be visible on the website and in the overall marketing campaign. The main administration in Egersund is split off as a separate company, Egersund Group AS. The administration now consists of 10 employees who work in finance, marketing / HSE, IT and shipping / logistics.

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AS Fiskenett is 100% bought up by Egersund Group. AS Fiskenett are located on Manger outside Bergen and produce and repair purse seine and netting. The company has about 50 employees.
Meløy Notbøteri south of Bodø is bought up by 34%. The company has about 17 employees and produces, develops and repair various types of fishing gears
Den mekaniske avdelingen i Egersund Trål skilles ut som eget selskap, Egersund Mek AS. Avdelingen består av 9 platearbeidere og 1 elektriker.
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There is a huge building activity in Egersund. The mountain next to the Egersund Net production building is removed and the area plattened.
There is a need of more office space in the administration, and in January 2008 a new great building with offices and conference room is reade for use.
Egersund Net establishes service station at Vevelstad outside Brønnøysund.The department has all the services like cranehandling, wash and desinfection the nets, productionhall and antifouling.
Egersund Island is expanding. New and improved production buildingincreases the capacity of the net considerably. The premises are alsoavailable directly from the dock and this is unique in the Icelandic context.
Egersund Net's Department at Rabben/Austevoll opens new building for antifouling. The facility is able to produce 3 large nets per shift. EgersundNet dep Rabben is now one of the largest and most modern plants inNorway. The new facility includes both priming and antifouling the nets.
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Egersund Net establishes new servicestation at Gårdsøya outside the town of Brønnøysund. The old service station at Toft is closed.

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Egersund Net establishes new productionhall at Andøya. Department ofVesterålen has for a long time needed better facilities with repairwork on thebig nets up to 160m in circumference. The new productionhall is established in an abandoned military barracks in Skarsteindalen, 20 minutesdrive from the existing servicestation.

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Egersund Net acquires 34% stake in Nofi Oppdrettservice at Skjervøy inTroms.

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In December 2010 Egersund Net acquires 100% stake in Leroy HydrotechAS's service station in Kristiansund. This is the sixth 100%-owned servicestation of Egersund Net placed at the norwegian coast.
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2 of the employees in Egersund Group receive King's Medal of Merit in silver.Einar Stapnes (pictured) and Harald Bøgh Havsø passed, respectively, 50 and45 years of employment with the company and was invited to the palace to thank the King personally. In 2009, Arnfinn Havsø and Arnt Myklebust received the same medal for long and faithful service in the group. At the picture: Einar Stapnes receive medal from the mayor of Eigersund, TerjeJørgensen jr.
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Egersund Net's productiondepartment in Lithuania, UAB Egersund Net,expands production capacity. New and larger buildings is set up to handle the large nets.

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Egersund Group owns 50% of MD Group, a company started in 2009. MDGroup and Egersund Trål work together to develop a new generation of oil spill recovery.
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Egersund Mek merge with Egersund Trål and now function as a department like it was before 2008. The department is upgraded with 6 million NOK with the latest CNC technology that will provide both higher capacity and in a more environmentally friendly and safety.

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Egersund Net complete new servicestation at Rensvikholmen outside Kristiansund. This is the servicestation number 6 along the norwegian coast, serving customers with washing the fish farming nets, repair and antifouling.
Consequently, effective from 24 January 2013, Egersund Group AS owns in aggregate 22,583,655 shares in AKVA group ASA, representing 87.42 % of the shares and voting rights in the company. Egersund Group AS aims to continue developing this role in a long term industrial perspective. Egersund Groups investment in AKVA group ASA reflects a long term commitment as an industrial majority shareholder in the company. The aim is to participate in the continued development of AKVA group ASA as a leading technology and service partner to the international aquaculture industry, to the benefit of all shareholders.
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By october 2013 Egersund Group representing 100% of the shares in MD Group. This is a strategic move to secure and develop MD Group andEgersund Trål (Egersund Group) in the future.
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Egersund Net owns 50% i Emel Balik, Izmir/Turkey. In 2014 new factory was established that includes newproduction, service and antifouling.
Md Group merges with Egersund Trål.
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