Mechanical department

The mechanical department in Egersund Trål produce and develop trawldoors that are designed for all types of pelagic trawling. The trawldoors are under continous development and will be produced after our customers wishes and needs. The steelplates that are used are cut out with hightech cuttingsystem. 

This mechanical department also produces self-developed netwashers for fish farming nets. These netwashers are used at the servicestations of Egersund Net where nets are coming in for service and repair. The netwashers are sharply designed to carry out effective washing and has a rotating drum made of acid-resistant steel. 

The department also performs general maintenance work for the other units of the group, and they provide in the process of enlargement of buildings, installation and production of technical equipment.


Egersund Trål - mechanical dep.
Svanavågveien 30 
N- 4374 Egersund
Phone +47 51 46 29 00 
Fax +47 51 46 29 01

GPS Location Egersund:
58° 27' 03.64" N
06° 00' 06.50" E