Oil spills and potentially large-scale environmental disasters represent a daily challenge for the oil & gas- and shipping industry worldwide.

MOS Sweeper is uniquely designed V-shape formation of multiple barriers and demands few requirements in terms of operating vessel. The system can be operated from fishing vessels, supply- or offshore supply vessels, coast guard vessels and stand-by vessels. This ensures rapid response in case of emergency.

The System:
The system comprises a Sweeper panel, handling/transfer unit, Ocean BoomVane, oil spill collector system and oil return pump. MOS Sweeper is towed behind the vessel like a traditional trawl in an assymmetric configuration. This ensures a high level of safety and good working environment for the deck-crew. Oil is collected at the end of the sweeper and pumped up to the towing vessel. MOS Sweeper use the laws of nature to its advantage, making oil spill recovery possible even in harsh weather conditions.


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