Using the laws of hydrodynamics, the V-shaped multi-barrier MOS Sweeper collects oil efficiently on nature’s terms, allowing higher speed and better maneuverability. The oil can then be pumped directly to storage on the vessel, allowing for uninterrupted operation. The system is operated from a single vessel, such as traditional trawlers, a PSV or AHTS.
The MOS Sweeper has endured rigorous testing aimed at providing you with the best product available. Through annual full-scale oil-on-water exercises organized by NOFO, the MOS Sweeper had a unique process for understanding and improving oil spill preparedness. This has resulted in record breaking performance, offering quick deployment and safe operation.
The multi-barrier Sweeper panel has multiple deflectors in a V-shaped herringbone pattern. Utilizing hydrodynamics, the Sweeper panel guides the oil towards the rear and center of the system where it is slowed down and concentrated for recovery.
Able to operate at a speed of 4.5 knots and in up to 5 meter waves, the fast deployment makes the MOS Sweeper ideal for use in rough conditions and as a rapid response to oil spills. The MOS Sweeper uses an integrated pump that transports the oil directly to the towing vessel, allowing for continuous collection and recovery of oil spills at up to (400m3) 400 000 liters an hour.


In 2009 the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) and the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) launched the technology program “Oil Spill Response 2010”. Submissions aimed at dealing with the challenges of oil spills from fields near the coast and overcoming rougher conditions.
MOS Sweeper was approved for funding as a key project within oil recovery technology. The concept proved itself through several tests both at sea and in controlled settings, making use of the OHMSETT test facility in New Jersey twice. Constantly improving the system, combined with the oil-on-water exercises, this makes the MOS Sweeper an effective and reliable system.
Norway is one of few countries benefiting from full-scale offshore oil-on-water exercises, organized annually by NOFO. This provides Egersund Group with a unique ability to test, understand and improve oil spill recovery. Combining experience with innovation, the MOS Sweeper achieved a record high 96,4% oil spill recovery rate.


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