A paravane is a towed hydrofoiled object—a water kite. Travelling parallel to the towing vessel, the paravane acts as a holding force for the MOS Sweeper that gives it stability and keep it fully open. Needing only one towing vessel to manipulate the MOS Sweeper & paravane, it is more agile and significantly easier to operate.
The MOS Sweeper is towed asymmetrically using the paravane water kite, leaving the oil undisturbed by the wake of the operating vessel for better oil spill recovery. This also creates less drag than traditional methods and removes the need of a second vessel. The result is a cost effective system capable of higher speeds and better maneuverability than more conventional options.
Using the experience and methods learned through manufacturing trawl doors for over 50 years, the model 25 & 15 paravane is designed and manufactured in-house by Egersund Group, with the model 50 paravane manufactured by a contractor.


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