Main products


Egersund Net has produced netting since 1996, and has a modern machinery. Our production is certified according to ISO 9001. Today we have a production capacity on about 1500 tons a year. We produce:

Nylon netting:
  • Standard knotless netting
  • Super netting
  • Hexagonal netting

Other types of netting that we offer:
  • Nylon in knotted netting
  • Polyetylene netting
  • Dyneema netting


Quality Assurance and the development of new products
Our Quality Assurance System is the result of many years development of internal quality control routines.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance covering:
  • Continues product development and testing of new products.
  • Computersemulation to identify optimum products.
  • Exhaustive testing of models of trawling equipment in testing tanks to evaluate and approve new designs.
  • Use of first-class raw materials from leading manufacturers.
  • Internally trained skilled craftsmen are employed through all production stages.
  • Internal Control System that facilitates full inspection and quality control throughout the company.