Main products

Pelagic Trawl

  • Large range of models.
  • All trawls are supplied in the required dimensions and design in accordance with the client’s wishes and specifications.
  • Our products are constantly proving their worth and effectiveness in fisheries world wide.


Quality Assurance and the development of new products
Our Quality Assurance System is the result of many years development of internal quality control routines.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance covering:
  • Continues product development and testing of new products.
  • Computersemulation to identify optimum products.
  • Exhaustive testing of models of trawling equipment in testing tanks to evaluate and approve new designs.
  • Use of first-class raw materials from leading manufacturers.
  • Internally trained skilled craftsmen are employed through all production stages.
  • Internal Control System that facilitates full inspection and quality control throughout the company.