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Information regarding the Corona outbreak

Egersund Group has introduced several measures to keep the business running smoothly and minimize the risk of spreading disease. Agreed deliveries and customer support have top priority, and you are always welcome to send us a request. 
Last update: 17.03.20
Egersund Group has introduced several measures to prevent the spread of disease:
  • All travels that are not considered customer critical have been stopped
  • As a main rule, meetings shall take place over the phone or through electronic collaboration platforms. All visits must be agreed in advance
  • The company’s employees have been divided between physically separated zones to reduce the risk of infection
  • Many administrative positions are working from home
  • All physical premises are subject to extra cleaning
Additional measures may be implemented. 

In a situation where the pandemic and subsequent governmental restrictions make it challenging to maintain normal operation, execution of agreed deliveries, and providing the best possible support to the company’s customers within the current framework, are our main priorities.  The company is determined to maintain operations and support you as a customer through a challenging time. If the Corona outbreak has an impact on agreed deliveries, we will immediately inform affected customers. 


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